Learn 51+ EASY To Apply Personality And Career Development Skills

That You Can Instantly Plug Into Your Daily Activity To Geometrically Grow Your Career & Life!

(These simplified hacks can’t be found anywhere in easy to use format... yet a few could change your career & life FOREVER!!!)

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From The Desk Of : Anand Mallik

Date: Oct 15th, 2021

Subject: 51+ Easy-To-Apply Career And Life Development Hacks That You WON'T Find Anywhere!

Did you know that from the last few weeks since upGroww Movement started, 300+ professionals have joined?

That means, we are connecting with over a couple of hundreds of professionals across the country to be motivated, active and action-driven so that they can grow in their careers & life faster!


When I started the upGroww Movement initially, it was all about how to keep myself motivated through strategic action and consistency for a year to produce a massive result for myself. I offered it to a few people around me… quickly more professionals started asking and joining


It is probably one of the first (if not THE First) bite-size one-session workshops ever created.


The objective is to learn and practice key professional & life skills within the session...


and used them forever...


Learn psychology, principles and hacks that works...


Customize them for individuals like you...


At the start, I thought I will share 52 practised leanings, one every week with the participants... because that's what I could think of and recall very well...


But something really exciting happened...


As I started planning and connecting with people, I was able to curate more than 75 high demand skills that are listed by Forbes, Entrepreneur and Success magazines for professionals to master for a successful career.


Suddenly, 52 session ideas became 18 months worth of hacks and formulae


Their simplistic nature…


Immediately executable…


With new dimensions and angles...


... and a DEDICATED COMMUNITY of people who could apply together it for greater benefit.


It's been so much fun to see the upGroww community growing and benefiting every participants!


So, I went back and worked with my team to expand it to as many people as we can and support them LIVE. So...

Would You Be Willing To Come Onto A LIVE Session,

To GET Step-By-step Methods And Hacks That You Can Learn Within The Session And Start Benefiting From Them Immediately?

There is well thought out explanation of what makes every session so special and successful...


In fact, each of the sessions is structured in a workable format with detailed blueprints that anyone can start using immediately...



Here's what it looks like...

upGroww-SMURT Goal


Here's how to work on it...



Here's how to follow...

And so on...

Who Are These Workshops For?

Working Professionals




I Want To Give You The Access...

To ALL The Hacks with readymade workflow…So You Can apply those Growth Techniques and can Use them to Propel Your Professionals Success!

So...What's The Catch!?!

I get it.. you're probably asking yourself...


"Anand, why are you giving this goldmine almost for free? What's up your sleeve?"


Here's why I'm doing this


I am on my way to creating a community of 1 Million motivated professionals (the largest community in the professional development domain) who I can connect with and solve any possible problem faced in career...


Also, I want to have professional development not just limited to people who have more money and can afford to pay huge for getting taught the skills that every professional must have...


I learned it the hard way and I want to simplify for future generations including my kids


If Just ONE of these 51+ sessions Gives You A New Direction, Courage, Positivity, Success... You'll quickly recognize the value you are getting and consider using other formulas to support people around you, which will eventually create upGroww the largest community in the personal development area...


That's my crazy motive...  


That's my thinking behind all of this


This isn't some 'bait and switch' black hat marketing tactic.


There are no strings attached.


I make my motive fulfilled by making you successful and giving the training away.


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So, the only catch is this...

I Want To Make Sure You LEARN And IMPLEMENT Each Of These...

So, I’m Going To Give You A Short,  One time Opportunity to become consistent in professional and personal growth!

After That, They Are Gone.

That Means,

Immerse yourself in these new hacks...


Take loads of notes…


Here Is A ‘Sneak Peek’ At What You’ll Discover During The weekly ‘LIVE’...

You will have:

1 session workshops (career & life coaching)


Easy to implement steps that you can start applying immediately ... within the session


Learn only one skill completely, per session


Apply them for the rest of your life


Master new skills every week & use only what works for you


And That’s Just Some Of What We’ll Be Covering From A Few Of The Workshops!

So that’s it.


All YOU Have To Do Is COMMIT.

Commit to REGISTER

Commit to SHOW UP



Sound fair enough?


Is It Ok If We Over Deliver?

REGISTER NOW... And I will See in the next session!

Anand Mallik

P.S.- If you’re here looking for a quick recap… here you go:


When you register for the upGroww Workshop, you will get access to 51+ live sessions where you will learn new career & life skills in a simple to apply format! These aren't the steps that you will find inside any career development webinars. The easy-to-apply steps can be customized as per your situation.

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Hear From LIVE Attendees...



If you don’t get results after following the hacks in the workshop, I will personally work with you to correct you if you’re doing it wrong. If you still don’t get results, I will refund 100% of your money.

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Important questions answered (FAQ)

What's the timing of workshop?

Live session is conducted every sunday at 8:00 pm 

Will there be access to recorded session if any Session I missed?

You can later chose from 1 year or 2 year unlimited replays by paying a nominal subscription fees. If you think you can't join sometime and do not want to lose the learnings, we recommend you opting for at least one such subscription, else not needed.

Can you please share the list of workshops?

Monthly details of the workshop shared first week of every month. To look at past sessions please visit https://anand-mallik.newzenler.com/courses/upgroww-unlimited-replay

I had paid for the session but did not receive any email regarding sessions

If you have just registered for for email that automatically gets triggered. Check if the email landed in your spam folder or wait for 24 hrs as nightly process would trigger another email chain to your mailbox. If you have not receive any email write us at friend@upgroww.com and allow us 24 hrs to resolve it.